Cynthia’s Tutoring Tip Sheet #1

Back to School Tutor’s tips

Is it hard to keep your elementary student interested in their math?

A “sure win” every time is the sticker chart!

YOU’RE deciding how many stickers are going into the chart.

It’s a great helper for the hard to motivate math wiz that hates to write.

He gets to choose a preferred activity once his sticker chart is full.

The 6 year old boy that I tutor LOVES  Science and HATES English.

Nothing I said would inspire him to pick up a pencil so I pulled out my sticker chart.  

Now he’s motivated to stay on task and complete his writing assignments

For example:

 Forming Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

earns him a sticker. Twenty stickers gets him a science experiment, like The Shiny Penny.

When nothing else works to get your elementary school student motivated to learn, the sticker chart is a sure-fire way to go!